Ultima Parody Songs

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"Don't Hurry, Be Laggy"
(lyrics and performance by Midas)

here's a little song I wrote
when lagged, you can sing it note for note
don't hurry - be laggy

on every shard the lag is trouble
when we hurry we make it double
don't hurry - be laggy
don't hurry, be laggy now

incoming names showed a bunch of red
lost connect, and now you're dead
don't hurry - be laggy

death by lag - it is your fate
just relax, and meditate
don't hurry - be laggy
look at me; I'm laggy

i give you my icq# - you hurry, call me, we both be laggy

Based upon, with the utmost respect for and apologies to:
"Don't Worry, Be Happy" - Bobby McFerrin

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