Ultima Parody Songs


At last, by popular demand, the first
Ultima Parody Song CD
is now available!


Includes all of your favorite UO songs, plus 2 new songs found only on this CD!
1. r0xx0r
2. Don't Hurry, Be Laggy
3. 50 Ways to Loot Another
4. Don't Smack Me Down
5. Move It Away
6. Prepatchday
7. We Will RoxxU (Captain Ebolter's Corp Por Mix - NEW!)
8. Chain Lightning Crashes
9. Going To Trammel
10. Loot Take Boogie
11. Newbie Lewt
12. Don't Bank So Close To Me
13. Hey Dewd
14. Message In A Bottle
15. Origin:  Mine
16. Ultima Online 2
17. Ye OoO oOo OoO, Bwa Ha Ha Ha
18. Can't Get Enough of Your Loot (NEW! LIVE!)
19. Just a Thief Ya Know / I Will Loot Your Body

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