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09/17/2001 - Midas
waving usa map
Recent personal events (which I thought were pretty traumatic - until 9/11) have kept me away from the site for a few months.  I'll be back soon, with more songs and projects...

Until then, please continue to show your support for the 9/11 victims, their families, the rescue workers, the great people in our Armed Forces, and the leaders of our great country...

05/03/2001 - Midas

TWO NEW SONGS!  I've just posted 'snippets' of the two new songs from the IN L3WTERO CD - the Captain Ebolter Remix of "We Will RoxxU" and "Can't Get Enough of Your Lewt" !  Of course, the full-length high-quality teeth-whitening extra-strength versions of the songs can be found on the IN L3WTERO CD (nudge, nudge - wink, wink)...

04/22/2001 - Midas

Over the course of the next few days, all of the songs will be updated into a streaming format!  You'll need RealPlayer in order to hear the audio, and can download it free here !

A few new songs in the works as we speak - hopefully ready to release in the next few days - stay tuned!

04/11/2001 - Midas

Digiphobia is in the process of moving to a new host to better serve all of the related users - great things coming in terms of streaming audio, more songs and other projects, too!  An unfortunate side-effect, however, will be that my email will be 'down' for a few days (probably through this coming weekend), but everything should return to even-better-than-normal status very soon...

03/12/2001 - Midas
The song mp3's wil be temporarily unavailable - sorry for the inconvenience.
I'll have streaming format samples and/or mp3 'snippets' up very soon!
03/11/2001 - Midas
Ultima Parody Songs CD Compilation now available!!
Comes with bonus CD (Mainframe - Midas' rock band) - 2 CD's for less than the price of 1 !
03/09/2001 - Midas

WinAmp users - snag the new MidaSkin and enjoy the coming look of Ultima Parody Songs while listnening to the parody mp3s, the streaming parody radio, and all of your other music!  Click here for a screenshot and download link!

03/07/2001 - Midas

Midas Radio is now live!  Now you can listen to the Ultima Parody Song in streaming continuous format, using your own audio player!  Thanks to Trazal at digiphobia.com for setting this up (btw, check out Digiphobia for some other cool content, too)!  If the link doesn't work directly, you'll need to head over to Live365 and do a quick search for "Midas", click the link, then follow the instructions...  (No, that's not *the* big news - that's still coming in a few days...  :)

02/27/2001 - Midas

Yes, I'm still alive - and things are heating up *fast*!  Just posted a new parody song - "Magic Corp Por Ride" .  And as you can see from the banner, *huge* news coming in a matter of days, and lots of activity anticipated in the next few months - more songs, UO fiction readings, and more!  Stay tuned and check back often!

12/22/2000 - Midas

Just added a new 'lyrics only' song to the Songs page, just in time for Christmas!  It's called "The UO Christmas Song (Newbies Roasting in a Field of Fire)" .  I had intended to do the usual full production, but a serious cold has kept me from being able to sing it (bad news to some, perhaps good news to others... ;)  At any rate, I hope you enjoy it - and wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

And, thanks go to Ed McManus for doing the second UO Parody Songs music video!  He used the parody song "Going To Trammel"...  Head over and check it out, if you'd like (disclaimer: video content and direction were entirely Ed's  :)

11/26/2000 - Midas

Some of you may remember Ed McManus (Chesapeake shard).  He's been away from UO for a bit... but now he's back, with a killer UO site, as well!

Stop by and check him out here - lots of very nice flash movie work there...

Drop him a note and tell him to do some music videos for the parody songs... ;)

11/12/2000 - Midas

Arcadian Del Sol, of Lum the Mad fame, just reported in from the UO Faire in Austin:

"I'm still in Austin, but had to say that at the final "town hall" meeting, people were chanting for Midas.  Gordon held a Q/A session for feedback about the faire - and asked about the music.  A chorus of, "We want midas! we want Midas!" resounded around the room and suddenly I felt like a parent whose child had just left for college.

He's not our little Midas anymore."

Wow - *thanks* to Arcadian and all of the 'fans' at the Faire!  ;)
10/31/2000 - Midas

Greybeard and Ronald McDonald at WTFMan build some of the best flash movies I've seen on the web - and they've outdone themselves with a new UO movie!

Check it and their other movies out here .

10/11/2000 - Midas

New song - "Don't Hurry, Be Laggy" , based upon "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin!

10/08/2000 - Midas

Greybeard over at WTFMan wrote some incredibly nice things about the site here - Thanks Greybeard!  I also changed the look of the site a bit, just to keep things interesting...  More songs coming *very* soon...

08/25/2000 - Midas

The folks over at UltimaHaven have posted a dramatic reading I recently completed of some UO2 fiction entitled "Britannia Serial: Part 1 - Blind Virtue" .  Please check it out and let us know what you think!

07/06/2000 - Midas

Another new song - "Going to Trammel" , based upon "The Distance" by Cake!  One more round of applause for "Bim", please - another fantastic job on the lyrics - thanks Bim!

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