Ultima Parody Songs

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"Magic Corp Por Ride"
(lyrics by Bim, performance by Midas)

I like UO, yes, yes
and I P-K don't you know
on regs and runes I drift in the night
any place it gates is right
gate far, gate near - by a dungeon I reappear

well you don't know what we can find
why don't you die for me little newb
on a magic corp por ride
you don't know what we can see
why don't you show your loot to me
give me half, I'll set you free

close your eyes newb
look inside newb
let me make your world turn grey

last night I beat Aladdin down
just ouside of Moonglow town
before I heard newbie death cry - "ooOooOO"
well, there appeared a gate - dark blue
I looked around, a lousy moonstone was all I found

Based upon, with the utmost respect for and apologies to:
"Magic Carpet Ride" - Steppenwolf

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Copyright © 2000-2001 Mainframe FOF Publishing